Barnes Tennis Center Hosts Variety of Youth Tournaments


Youth Tournaments pic
Youth Tournaments

An experienced San Diego, CA, shopping center developer, Elliot Feuerstein has also served on several boards, including the Foundation Board of Sharp Hospital. A supporter of youth programs, Elliot Feuerstein assisted with fundraising efforts for the Barnes Tennis Center, a children’s tennis education center in San Diego, CA.

A frequent tournament host, the Barnes Tennis Center organizes its own Barnes Cup Round Robin Tournaments, as well as Junior U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) Sanctioned Open Tournaments and Satellite Tournaments. The Barnes Cup Tournaments help get new players acclimated to competitive events with a focus on sportsmanship, adhering to a conduct code, and learning about rules and scoring.

Following USTA rules, the USTA Novice Tournaments offer a more structured Round Robin competition for young tennis players who have previously played competitively. The USTA Satellite Tournaments, also held at the Barnes Tennis Center, are the next level up, with a competitive “single-elimination” style.

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