Mira Mesa Community Planning for Future Growth

Mira Mesa pic
Mira Mesa
Image: tripadvisor.com

Elliot Feuerstein has worked as a commercial real estate developer in Southern California since the early 1970s. Much of his work has focused on the Mira Mesa community of San Diego, CA. Elliot Feuerstein continues to work in the area as an officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Center.

Since it was established in the late 1960s, Mira Mesa has grown to comprise a population of more than 72,000 residents. To ensure that the community continues to grow and develop in a way that benefits all residents, San Diego officials recently began updating the Mira Mesa Community Plan, which hasn’t been renewed in over 25 years.

When finalized, the updated plan will provide direction for the long-term development of Mira Mesa in the areas of residential growth, infrastructure, and community services. The plan will also focus on ways to drive employment and economic growth over the next 20 to 30 years.

Throughout the process, staff members from the city’s planning department will work with local residents to make sure their questions and concerns are heard. San Diego officials expect to finalize and approve the Mira Mesa Community Plan in 2021.

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