HCA Healthcare Continues Support of Red Cross

Based in San Diego, CA, Elliot Feuerstein is a seasoned real estate development and construction professional specializing in commercial real estate who serves as an officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Center. Outside of his professional life, Elliot Feuerstein supports a number of charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross.

In the latter months of 2019, HCA Healthcare helped support the mission of the Red Cross by way of a $500,000 donation to the organization’s Annual Disaster Giving Program (ADGP). HCA Healthcare is one of the largest health organizations in the US and the United Kingdom. Since 2016, the company has given more than $2.5 million to the Red Cross, including upwards of $1 million to support mobile blood donation efforts.

The Annual Disaster Giving Program gives partners the chance to contribute money and in-kind services to bolster Red Cross resources in advance of disasters, enabling the organization can respond quickly when the need arises. The Red Cross provides relief efforts to more than 60,000 disasters each year nationwide. To learn more about the organization and its work, visit redcross.org.


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