Three Real Estate Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Elliot Feuerstein is an officer of Mira Mesa Shopping Center. After studying at UCLA and getting a political science degree, Elliot Feuerstein is the current president of a construction company in San Diego, CA. He completed numerous real estate projects with his father and also opened one of the first retail businesses in Mira Mesa California with his friend.

To build expertise in real estate retail, one needs to keep up with trends in the real estate industry. One such trend is the constantly soaring prices of single-family homes, and the fact that tenants are going out less has triggered an increase in demand for more extensive and higher-end units. As a result, tenants are now opting for two bedrooms instead of one-bedrooms to allow them space to work.

There has also been a significant increase in multifamily and retail real estate markets compared to the beginning of the pandemic. Although the effects of e-commerce are visible on brick-and-mortar retail, it might have been overexaggerated. This is because individuals still want to procure many in-person services and goods.


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